Its amazing how vital a little, one-mile stretch of road can become to a community. Adams Avenue Parkway opened as Utahs only toll road nearly five years ago. Today it provides a popular shortcut between Washington Boulevard and I-84 for about 1,800 workers, businesses, emergency vehicles, schoolchildren and other travelers each day.

Many northern Utah residents use the toll road because it saves them time and money on their work commutes. Al Ladeau, a science teacher at T.H. Bell Junior High, is one of them. He started taking the road after construction began on 300 West. Ladeau estimates that using the parkway saves him about a half-hour and $2.50 in gas every day.

Im not a rocket scientist, but Im smart enough to know that its worth it to use the toll road, he says.

Others use the road to save lives. Ambulance drivers, police officers and firefighters all use the parkway to respond more quickly to emergencies. Roy City Fire Chief Jon Ritchie says his department uses the road about four or five times a day because it provides a shorter route with less traffic than other roads in the area.

Time is everything to a fire department, he says. Its a matter of life and death.

One woman recently expressed gratitude for the road after using it to rush her young son to Ogden Regional Medical Center. School bus drivers consider the toll road a safer alternative for transporting children than the heavily trafficked Highway 89.

Even if the road doesnt save your life, it still might help you get your pizza quicker. Local pizza delivery drivers share the road with dozens of other area businesses, including couriers, construction companies, landscapers and taxicabs.

All this just goes to show that a little pavement in the right place can go a long way.
A Little Pavement in the Right Place
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